• Rebecca Laidlaw

Why yoga?

Clueless. I was completely freaking clueless about yoga when I started. I only went to my first yoga class because the core strengthening class my mum had been dragging me along to had been canceled due to some shifts in classes at my local gym. I was super self-conscious going into the gym and was not looking forward to being so vulnerable in a yoga class when I couldn't even touch my knees let alone my toes. I persevered through the anxiety and self-consciousness (which is another story altogether). As my journey progressed, I decided to do my Yoga Teacher Training. I was adamant I would not become one of those spiritual Yogi's. I fell into yoga for health and I am now a totally woo-woo (I use woo-woo as a term of endearment towards my spiritual self - you know the kind that believes in the Universe and Oracle cards and wears elephant pants while doing yoga for photo's in foreign countries) and very proud Yoga Teacher.

What changed? What takes a person from a weekly class that they go to purely to support their crippled body to a daily practitioner and active advocator of everything Yoga - including meditation, mantras, and the yogic lifestyle? It sucked me in, all of it, over time. It involved a mindset shift and required consistent practice over time. There is no quick fix and that is what I love about yoga. It has taught me to be humble and persevere. It's not one minute you can't touch your toes and the next you can do the splits, it takes time. And a lot of it.

The hardest part is to start and commit. What I wanted from my yoga teacher training was to know how to practice by myself, how to correct my postures and how to practice safely. Somewhere along the way, it became about something more. About helping others to do the same. I didn't intend to teach but since gaining 250 hours of Yoga Alliance Certified Training, teaching an 8-week block of Yoga in the Shetland Islands, assisting for a month at Akasha Wellness Retreats in Romania and teaching at Nourish Your Soul Wellness Retreats in Shetland. I believe it's time to share my knowledge more widely. I am the first to admit that I am still learning, I attend regular classes and continue to do my own studies and research.

So reach out if you have questions. If you don't know where to start. If you are concerned about anything. If you have physical difficulties while practicing. If you want to know how to get the postures you are dreaming of. I know what it's all like and I'm here for you boo. In closing, welcome to the Yoga Journey, where the learning never ends.

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