• Rebecca Laidlaw

Why Veganism?

It's not the easiest way to eat. I won't lie - this is truth time. It comes with a lot of difficulties. Not only is milk in 1 million things that it absolutely does not need to be in, but there is also a huge stigma attached. Yup, you guessed it, the views held on my eating habit for the longest time really hurt. Nobody wants to be the subject of judgment but going vegan 4 years ago put me at the forefront of that. The punch line in jokes and the awkward one when deciding where to eat. Despite this, I didn't revert to my omnivorous ways and you may be wondering why (considering I've just outlined some pretty rubbish side effects).


I love animals. Example: I don't think a dog is more important than a cow. That is purely perception. My grandparents lived on a farm growing up and for the summer holidays, those cows became my besties. I'd hang out with them and sing and dance my little heart out as if they were my audience - I know I was a cool af kid.

I think cruelty is wrong. I've seen horrific slaughterhouse and lab footage which makes me not only vegan in diet but in life. When I think of what happens to completely defenseless animals I cannot imagine eating them or their by-products.

Personally, I have never been healthier. I used to be very unfit and even more unhealthy. My vegan journey has supported my transition from crippled by Fibromyalgia to an avid yogi and (to my great surprise) runner.

Notice throughout this blog I use the word I a whole bunch. That's because it is my personal opinion. Everyone is different. This blog is not to convert you, your choices are your own just as mine are, well mine. However, if it is something you are considering or you want to learn about check out:

For information:

The Vegan Society - For up-to-date information and further signposting


Netflix - The Game Changers, What the Health, Cowspiracy - to name a few that helped me.

Blogs - My current favourite is Write This Vegan Life http://writethisveganlife.com/

For recipes:

YouTube - The Happy Pear - they are my absolute go-to for healthy plant-based recipes. I'm an addict of their 5-minute dinner series.

Veganism is a journey, I'm still learning too. It takes time. Then one day it becomes second nature, to read the label, to ask for the vegan menu, and to smile at the people who don't agree with your life choices. Live how you want to boo - it's on you.

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