• Rebecca Laidlaw

Where are the opportunities?

We tend to replicate what we see as we grow up. That's why some occupations almost follow an ancestral line such as farmers. We base our idea of the job we should have on what our parents do, our family does, what our friends are interested in, or what we see on TV or the internet. It's not right or wrong, in some cases it just is. That's all we know, it's what we observe so it makes complete sense that we'd follow that.

Now some people do break the mold. Follow their interests, their passions, and find jobs that they are interested in, and turn these into their career. But how? It's a little thing called research.

Did you know there's a lesson on the Simpsons in the Philosophy Degree at the University of Glasgow?

Did you know that there is an Underwater Basket Weaving Course at Reed College?

Did you know you can be a Space Lawyer?

The subjects above might interest you or they might be totally off the mark however if we don't know what's out there how can we make a truly informed career choice?

Opportunities are all around us through short courses, Colleges, Universities, employment, volunteering, and self-reflection. What we need is to have patience and take the time. The time to research. The time to think. The time to take action.

If you want to change jobs it may not be an overnight shift. To branch out, you may have to do some extra work, take on a course, or engage in new experiences. Build up your experience. The thing about time is that you have to dedicate it before you see results. If you are prepared to do that you will put yourself in places where the opportunities you are searching for will appear.

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