• Rebecca Laidlaw

View the world with love

Do you have your rose-tinted glasses on? Is your cup half full? OR do you have blinders on and a half-empty cup? How do you look at life? In my mind, there are two ways to view the world and two characters that embody this concept.


The Grinch

Cynical and cruel, isolated and alone, shut down victim mentality. It doesn't sound appealing, does it? The Grinch lives in a place of resentment from the past and fear of the future. To the point where he wants to destroy the happiness of all by stealing Christmas (I don't know about you but Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year) because he doesn't associate good memories with it as that was the time of year, he was abandoned. A sad story yes but in stealing Christmas the Grinch then goes on to try to create pain in others. Hurting others because he is hurting.



If you haven't seen Polyanna, it's a movie from the 1960s. The story of a young girl who sees the positives within adversity, a radical optimist who focusses on the good things about life even when it's difficult. You can view the world this way. Building gratitude practices into your life in the form of lists or appreciation rampages*. Your perception is your choice you choose if the hard seasons are something you learn and grow from or if they spiral into Grinch mode.

How do you switch between the two? This is a bit of trick blog as if you know the stories both characters experience the opposite. After a fall that paralyzes Polyanna, she slips into a deep depression only to be brought out of this by an outpouring of love from the people in her town. The Grinch is moved when after stealing Christmas the townspeople rejoice and sing as Christmas is not about gifts it is about connection. Returning to our question... What can change a person from one mentality to the other? It's love y'all. In both stories, it is the love of others that shows the characters the love that was always in their hearts. But in both stories, the characters had to be open to it.

The world is a crazy place especially in 2020 but how do we want to come out of this year? A world of Polyanna's or a world of Grinches? The point is we can be either as they both ultimately live in a state of love. Leading with love is how we can affect more change, we can make more progress and we can all (including the planet itself) heal from the past.

In conclusion, there is in fact one way I choose to view the world. And with that, I love you. We can do this!

*Appreciation rampage - You can do this any time and anywhere. Start listing the things around you that are wonderful and go completely over-the-top. The suns beautiful rays are shining down on me like a message from the divine. This is the best coffee I have ever tasted, it's like a hug in a mug. I am so grateful to be breathing such sweet air - and keep going. It's tough to be negative when you are surrounded by so much awesomeness!

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