• Rebecca Laidlaw

The Power of Yes

All the opportunities my friends, all the opportunities come from saying yes, from claiming your time, and from going for it.

I entered 2021 in my head and unable to see past my own BS. Unlike most, my 2020 had been pretty transformative and all for the better. It gave me no choice but to slow down when I was burning out at the beginning of 2020. It allowed me to re-assess and re-frame.

I dug deep into my soul and it wasn't easy and at times certainly not pretty but there was greatness to come. I started to say yes to life. Yes to love. And yes to the opportunities that have followed.

However the first week of 2021 I spent saying no, completely resistant to the new year. Ironic when my company name has Resolution in the title right?! I said no to my morning routine, no to yoga, no to working on my mindset, no to my friends - no, no, no! I was sick of forcing. Making myself do all the things - reading all the books, doing all the courses, pleasing all the people.

I took a much-needed break and tried to restart every day with the best of intentions the night before, then the morning came and enter the overwhelming feeling of no. How do you get out of the funk when you are in it. I'd always been determined and able to push through but my will was gone.

So I returned to what I knew worked and it started with a list of things that made me happy. I filled my home with flowers, blankets, and had a declutter - opening up space. I leaned into receiving energy from others which gave me the energy to give it in return. Most importantly I started to say YES to what made me happy, yes to life, and YES to opportunities. And my goodness I cannot tell you how incredible this journey is.

I had to say YES to the new version of myself that I created in 2020.

It is a daily choice to say yes, the pressure has been taken off and life is happening for me. All because I asked myself what makes me happy and I say yes in alignment with that.

Ask yourself:

What makes you happy?

What opportunities are you not seeing that you can say yes to?

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