• Rebecca Laidlaw

The meaning of Om

I used to think it was the most embarrassing part of a yoga class and I'd pray that my teacher wouldn't say it every single time. I thought it was too woo woo, that I sounded silly and that not everyone was saying it so why should I? I honestly did not know. I didn't know the deep meaning of this word and how it deserved my respect. Now I know it is my duty to share it, here's a crash course.

Om is an ancient Sanskrit (the ancient indo-european language used in yoga) letter (see on my shirt above) found in the Vedas (the earliest Indian scriptures) it does not have a specific word translation as it is actually a sound with 1 million meanings. It is the sun, the masculine, the inner guiding light, the connection to the higher self, the divine, grace, and knowledge. There are many understandings and definitions of OM but you get the gist, right? It's a pretty awesome thing to say.

Om is seen as our life force energy given to us by our creator (whomever or whatever you choose to believe in) it is the prime mantra of our higher self. Many believe that it is said as O-M however it is in fact said A-U-M. A referring to the creator, U the preserver and M the transformer.

It is said to clear the mind for meditation to ascend and expand our energy. It draws a sound current up the chakra system, the spine, and above the head. Harmonising and deeply healing the body and the mind. It is believed that the energy from OM affects the subconscious mind and supports the journey to removing negative emotions, addictions, and compulsions. It is a form of cosmic healing through sound vibration.

Now you know. The power of Om why we say it, wear it and tattoo it on our bodies. Us yogis are all about the benefits of Om. I've gone from skeptic to Om junkie, I can only hope that you do the same.

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