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The Benefits of Yoga

Everyone is banging on about yoga being so good for you. I know I'm probably that person in your feed that is the ultimate yoga pioneer, this is how my brain works:

  • Feeling stressed = Do yoga

  • Feeling strong = Do yoga

  • Feeling bored = Why are you not doing yoga?

We are all told that yoga is 'good' for us but what are the real benefits, how good is it really? Let's dive in!

1. Yoga can decrease stress and anxiety

  • I don't need to tell you that we live in a stressful world where the very air we breathe can be bad for us. We are also in the midst of a global pandemic. While your life may not be stressful the circumstances we are in sure as hell are.

2. Yoga can fight depression

  • On the same note as above Yoga reduces the cortisol in your system which is a stress hormone that influences your serotonin levels which are regularly associated with depression.

3. Yoga can reduce chronic pain

  • Of this, I am living proof. From someone who couldn't put her own socks on for the pain and pressure in my back - trust me this works. There is growing research in this area and is mainly based around strength development - giving you the power to cure yourself.

4. Yoga can boost your athletic ability

  • Yoga develops core strength, flexibility, balance, and mental focus. All enhancing your athletic performance - keeping you centered and your exercise routine varied.

5.And many more...

  • Improving heart health, relieving migraines, improving sleep, developing strength, improving flexibility & balance... shall I go on?

All in all, yoga is good for you just like they say! If you haven't already, start your Yoga journey with me! I'd love to share some mat time with you!

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