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Sarah Copas - Business Owner, House Renovator, and Event Manager

We live our lives adhering to the “rules of society”… doing well in school, college, a successful career, fall in love, marriage, kids, buying a house, annual holidays, retirement, the end.

7.6 billion people in the world and we don’t all fit this ideal of what happiness should entail.

We are all guilty of being stuck in the rat race of life and my advice?.. STOP!

Lockdown has been tough but one thing it's taught me is to value our personal time and do what inspires you. Here's my story of how my passion for creativity and success has helped me start a business in 2020…

Creativity has always been my strength, growing up I loved to paint and I’ve always dreamed of a career embracing my artistic side.

I remember feeling the pressure of mapping out your whole life at 16.. picking a university and deciding, what do I want to do for the rest of my life?

400 miles away from home in sunny Cornwall, I found myself leaving behind sandy beaches for the big city life of Manchester, where it all started. At 18, I was ready to jump in headfirst.

University taught me life! I loved every minute of my time as a temporary Northerner but it flew by and soon enough I was back at my parents planning my next move. I had visions of an exciting graduate opportunity in the big smoke but it didn’t plan out quite the way I expected.

After falling head over heels, I turned down a job opportunity to buy a renovation project and start a new path in the world of property renovation.

It wasn’t rose-tinted for long, and before I knew it I was in renovation number 2, lighting coal fires on my own in the dead of the winter. It changed me. I had a fire not only in my hearth but in my belly, to succeed and let the world see I could do it on my own. And I did.

It’s easy to see the transformation of a house, but not as easy to see the transformation of yourself.

After finishing house number 2, I wanted a fresh start and made the move back up North for work. My career has led me to the world of Event Management which has given me a platform to be a leader and grow my confidence as a person and as a professional.

In a COVID world of no events, I found myself with time on my hands, an unknown feeling for me. House number 3 now complete, I decided this one would be home for a few years whilst I took the plunge on a new adventure.

And with that, Magpie House Interiors & Decor was born.

I wanted a business where I can filter all my knowledge and creativity into one place.

Having spent most of my 20’s with a power drill or paintbrush in hand, it's time to spend my 30’s trading in the steel toe caps and investing some time into the frills, the part that really adds flare to a home. I believe a home should be an expression of your personality, a space to remain judgment-free, where you can truly be yourself.

Magpie House is my way of sharing a collection of the things I love, to create so much more than bricks and mortar.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my story so far is that school doesn’t teach you life lessons, we need to do that for ourselves. Mortgages, money, life, love, passion, success, ambition, happiness… the list goes on.

We may feel like we are failing at times, but remember, there is never one ideal for us all. Embrace who you are and follow your dreams.







Magpie House Interiors & Decor

Speed Dating Questions

1.What was your first job?

I was a waitress at a Fish and Chip restaurant in Cornwall which is where I grew up. I honestly loved it! Carefree, zero worries and eating chips every night…. What’s not to love?

2.What are you reading right now?

“Starting a business for Dummies” … The irony being, I haven’t finished the book and have already started my business! But I’m a great believer in throwing yourself in at the deep end and not getting too bogged down in the boring logistics. That will always work itself out.

3.If you could give your younger self advice what would it be?

“Don’t let other peoples opinions and judgments get in your way”

One thing I learned is the pressure of being a young adult is enough without worrying about what others think. Just follow your heart.

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