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Redundancy - you will rise!

Have you been made redundant or do you know someone who has? It is a hard season to be in and to support someone through. The fear, the worry, the anxiety, and often the debt that runs alongside can make it near impossible to function. Redundancy is often linked to the 5 stages of Grief. Redundancy is a trauma and it can hurt - a lot! However, there is the recovery to look forward to from your pain and in the economy. As with grief, in time we can move on. First, let's talk about how you might be feeling.

Denial and Isolation

You have just lost what may seem to be a HUGE part of your identity. What do we ask when we meet someone for the first time? What's your name and what do you do for a living? It's not inventive but it's how the majority of meetings start. Of course, you feel isolated and as if you'd rather not interact with others at this time. BUT and this is a massive BUT, you are more than your job role. Other people are imperative in getting you through this not only for your mental state but as networks for your next steps.


Anger is a way of protecting ourselves and a way of masking shame. Often it is from feeling out of control, you've just lost something that held massive value to you, whether you enjoyed your work or not. There is a reason you were in that job whether it's because that line of work was truly your passion or it was purely financial. These are common feelings, it's easier to get angry and see all the problems than focus on opportunities and solutions. However, the solutions are the only light at the end of the tunnel. And if you were in a job that wasn't fulfilling this is an opportunity to break out and follow your passion.


You may be in a consultation process which is a breeding ground for the emotions of fear and powerlessness. Be careful of making rash decisions here. You may be bargaining with yourself on if your dream job is worth it or should you get something more stable. This thought genuinely hurts my heart and I'm all about the job for right now when you have commitments, dependents, and bills to pay. A word to the wise PLEASE don't give up on your dreams - you are worthy!


Motivation can drop. Feelings of low confidence and worthlessness creep in. In this place, I challenge you to rise. You have options, there are solutions if you can draw the strength to look for them. It was a shit thing that happened, yes. But you are not shit!


If you aren't here yet you will get here. I freaking believe you will! You may look back and see all of these stages, some of these stages, or none of these stages manifested in your life. Whatever way you get here, when you do, when you are ready - here are some places you can go for support:




Free online learning:


Shifting to Renewables online learning


General support:


Mental health:

Talk to someone now: www.samaritans.org.uk


Consider counseling or speaking to your GP


Reach out to your network (friends and family - they can reach out to their networks for you) - let them know you are looking for work. I know this may feel like the hardest thing in the world but the more people that know you are looking for work the more opportunities will open up to you.

Reach out to those above, get the support that you feel you need at the pace that works for you. You will get through this. There are options. You are not alone. As ever, I'm rooting for you!

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