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Marti Jeremiah-Shelley - SocialMedia Marketing Consultant

Hey there, my name is Marti and I’m not sure how I got here!

Let me start by saying, this certainly isn’t a severe case of imposter syndrome, I just mean that growing up I always thought I’d become a Beauty Therapist or Hairdresser. Believe me, I tried a little of both - I didn't even pass the test for hairdressing college and although I have a Diploma in Make-Up Artistry I am not good at being symmetrical or blending, two very important and necessary things for that industry!

In fact, I took a very different turn and have spent the last 5 years creating and running my own business as a Digital Marketing Consultant for my business Wee Bit Social.

I was one of those people that didn't love school - I was terrible at maths, (still am!) and although my grades were average I never had a lot of interest in any of it. For a Business Management class in Year 11 ( in Australia where I grew up) I convinced our then teacher, Mr. Carr, for my best friend and I to go into town with the schools one and only video camera and interview men ON CAMERA about their underwear buying habits for a project on a business idea. I was 16! Interviewing grown men about Y fronts and boxer shorts!

So I guess I was always quite confident talking to people, something that would bode well for me in the future. I can’t remember what marks we got but we had a great time and good marks were not really my concern at the time.

Later that year, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and died just a few months later. Although I come from a big family with lots of older siblings and an awesome Dad, my Mum was my world, and feeling like what was the point, I dropped out of school at 17.

What followed was a succession of no focus on anything really, jobs in clothing stores, call centres, recruitment, admin, and Receptionist work. None of which interested me in the slightest but they paid the bills and allowed me to have some fun and that’s all I was interested in - the now and making the most of it, life was too short!

I moved to the UK with no plan, no idea, and not a lot of money, but an incredibly enthusiastic outlook that it would all work out. What was the worst that could happen right?

It still took a long time to get the career stuff right and thankfully back in 2015 after having done some events and blogging work for a review site, I came across Digital Mums and their strategic social media marketing live learning course, and although it was super hard work with a 5-year-old and a part-time job I completed the course and graduated - Hurrah!

More importantly, for one of the first times in my life, I had actually completed something and I actually had a skill I could use and maybe even use to start my own business - something I had always dreamt about doing. And now, here it was.

Wee Bit Social was born - I quit my job in an office - with the hope that it would all work out ok. Again, what was the worst that could happen? ( noticing a theme yet? )

I love owning my own business and being my own boss, it allows me the freedom and flexibility to be at the school gate ( when it’s open) and for that, I am super grateful. Along with the fact that I get the opportunity to work with some amazingly talented and inspiring business owners and have a bit of fun in the process.

I don’t offer workshops, because I really love a bit of one to one, getting to know and work with each business from the inside out allows me the opportunity to offer a truly bespoke service to match the business owners industry and circumstances rather than a one size fits all approach. I’m able to tailor a plan to their budget and their lifestyle. It’s no use writing a plan to post to social media channels every day on 3 different channels if my client only actually has 4 hours a week to work on all of it, it just won’t work!

I know there are a load of professionals doing what I’m doing but I like to take the approach of making social media marketing for business more fun, less daunting, and more approachable. ( a little like me really! )

I train business owners on how to run their own social media platforms to promote their business and share with their audience the people and story behind the brand. I also want to make it manageable and way more fun than it currently is for most people, and the best bit, affordable.

Apart from training I also help with strategy and one-off campaigns, I can help with creating a content calendar for each business specifically, audit current channels and provide one to one training no matter whether my client is a total beginner, or totally smashing it but just wants another pair of eyes to keep things fresh.

I love my work and I feel grateful and proud of myself for not only creating a new life in another country but also a business I genuinely love working on and in. Which is why I’m all about making social media more fun and less of a chore not just for me, for everyone.

Come say hi on Instagram at Weebitsocial or check out my website at www.weebitsocial.com

Speed Date:

1. Your first job

It was in a video shop - yes that’s how old I am - I even remember it was called Video Corner and it involved a lot of vacuuming for some reason!

2. What you are reading right now

I’m actually reading 2 books - it’s a habit of mine - The Gift by Edith Eger - Truly amazing and inspiring & The Stranger Beside Me ( about Ted Bundy) by Ann Rule - Im a true crime addict and I’ve seen the film and documentaries but the book is so much more in depth.

3. If you could give your younger self advice what would it be

It’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be pretty damn awful for awhile actually, but you are so much stronger, braver and more confident than you think and you will get there in the end. Also, on the way, try to save some money!! Don’t spend it ALL on cocktails and make up!

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