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Lara Odushegun Oshiyemi - Self Love and Empowerment Coach

In primary school, I wanted to be a pop-star... or a doctor! Apparently being a pop-star was “unrealistic” and not a “real job”. Although being a doctor was a “real job”, as I grew older, I feared that I would suck at it!

I loved singing, music, reading and helping others – but wasn’t really sure what I actually wanted to “be”. I decided to be “sensible” and chose Chemistry, Physics and Biology at A’ levels and ended up doing Biomedical Sciences at University. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed it. You see there is a creative side to me and there is an analytical side to me – and both scream to be heard! However, by my second year I realized that as much as I enjoyed my degree, I didn’t actually want to be boxed in a laboratory all day! But I wanted to finish what I had started: I gave it my all; graduated with a 2.1; did a 6 months conversion course in IT and got my first “real” job as a Web Programmer soon after! Years later in a new company, I very quickly worked my way up to Team Leader and then Support Manager. As my leadership responsibilities increased my programming reduced and I was more involved with recruiting team members, motivating the team, liaising with clients as well as managers in different departments. I realized that although I did enjoy programming (that lovely feeling when you create something new; or when the program obeys your statements is pretty amazing!!!), I had felt “boxed in” as a Programmer. My new roles however made me feel “free” and a sense of wanting to do/be more. In 2008, during the maternity leave of my second child, I started my own online business selling Afro-Caribbean groceries online. This was a breakthrough for me. I knew that I wanted to work for myself as it gave me freedom and flexibility. It was a period of growth for me on many different levels. My passion for reading was also re-ignited and I embarked on a journey of self-development and discovery. I was growing, evolving and finding my purpose. I wanted to empower others to do the same. At this point I knew that I wanted to be a Life Coach and attended a course – however, life happens and I didn’t really get a chance to pursue it officially. But I continued to read, learn and grow. I put into practice the habits and techniques that I learned and created a powerful daily routine that involved waking up at 6 am each morning and spending the first hour working on me – through various practices such as meditation, gratitude, visualization, affirmations and daily journaling. I am now a Self-Love and Empowerment Coach. My ultimate goal is to empower you to find the power within yourself to create the life of your dreams and the life you truly deserve. I run the 6 am Club - an exclusive daily one-hour experience to get the motivation, inspiration and support you need to create your ideal life. The daily practices, techniques and strategies help you to get clear on your goals and take daily consistent action towards your goal. You also get access to an Accountability Partner to help you to get better results. I also offer Group Coaching Programs and 1:1 Coaching Sessions where I empower you to make the transformation you need to create the life you want and define the strategies to help you get there. PS I still love singing, music, reading and helping others To join the 6am Club visit www.sowsuccess.co.uk/6amclub Connect with me at lara@sowsuccess.co.uk to book a FREE 1:1 clarity session! Careers Speed Date.

  1. Your first job – doing paper rounds at 14!

  2. What you are reading right now – Everything Is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo and Limitless by Jim Kwik

  3. If you could give your younger self advice what would it be – Don’t try and please everyone else – you end up pleasing nobody; Have more fun; Love yourself and be you.

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