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Karis Williamson - Beauty Therapist

Hello to the beautiful people reading this.

Do you ever felt like you are fumbling your way thought life?

Yes? Well, I was in the same place as you.

I am Karis Williamson and at 17 I left school and did not know what I wanted to do with my


I started a beauty therapy apprenticeship still not knowing what I wanted to do. I ended up loving it,

but I did not like working for someone else and working for minimum wage when I knew I was worth

so much more. I worked like this for 4 years, unhappy because I knew I could be offering clients

better services at a better price. So, I decided to go self-employed.

I was so nervous when I finally decided to go for it. All those horrible thoughts start to spin around in

your head like, have I done the right thing? Will anyone want to come to me for treatments? How

am I going to afford to live if this does not go well? But then something really changed my life.

My dad passed away unexpectedly, 3 weeks before I was supposed to go self-employed. That made

me have such a different outlook on life.

I started thinking that I could not let my life pass me by. I started thinking positively like, I could work

my own hours; use products I genuinely love, do the treatments I wanted to do, and knew I was good

at and give my clients their treatments for a better price too.

Let me tell you when you believe in yourself everyone else starts to believe in you too.

So, I started my journey and loved it! I started looking for the best products I could use in my

beauty business and stumbled across Arbonne products. I had never seen or used such good

products for such an amazing price before, an added bonus was that all the products were vegan

and cruelty-free! I decided to jump all in and became an Arbonne Independent Consultant too so I

could sell these amazing products whilst doing my beauty treatments. I decided that I could use

them doing facials, etc, and then sell them to the clients who loved them too.

So here I am two and a half years later, loving my life. Surrounded by an amazing Arbonne

community and my lovely clients in my beauty business too.

I never thought nearly three years later I would be this happy and grateful for everything that has

happened. It is amazing what changing your outlook on life can do.

Please feel free to follow me on Facebook at:

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Live your best life with Karis

My Arbonne website: www.kariswilliamson.arbonne.com

Careers Speed Date:

1. What was your first job?

I was a gymnastics coach from the age of 14 right up till 22

2. What are you reading right now?

Girl, wash your face by Rachel Hollis

3. What advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t be scared to go and do what you want, life is short.

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