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Just talk about yourself

We're given this advice all the time right?! Whether it's a job interview, first date or in the counsellor's office. When asked so regularly to talk about ourselves how do we define who we are? By our career? By the material things we possess? By our achievements?

Do we ever think to open up right away? Never. So this blog is here to go against the norm and hit you with the truth. Straight up.

There have been two distinct halves to my life so far. In the first, I'd ticked the three most important boxes in how I thought society judged success in life. I had gone to uni (not the conventional way but I sure as hell have that diploma), had a good job (one of those 9-5 Monday to Friday deals - the ones with all the benefits) and I had bought my first house.

The problem was I was desperately unhappy and didn't even realise until my favourite TV series at the time came to an end. FYI I am aware how ridiculous this seems as I write it but it's the truth. I was not in a good place. I could not think of even starting a new series as I was still caught up in the world of the last. Obsessing over lives that were very far removed from my own and if I'm honest the complete polar opposite. As if that wasn't enough I had also watched everything else that Netflix was suggesting at the time. So I somehow in my haze of boredom and scrolling decided to watch a documentary instead.

The documentary I chose was "Tony Robbins: I am not your guru." and it was my catalyst for change. It was the starting point for the second phase of my life. It was at this point I realised I had my priorities all wrong. They were based on the opinions of others. Based on what I thought I "should" do. Based on my limiting beliefs. From that documentary, I decided no more. Life from that point has been a rollercoaster full of ups and downs, excitement and fear. It's how I found everything I will strive to share with you in this blog: my journey to health (both mental and physical), the practice of yoga, careers guidance and ultimately fulfillment.

Now that doesn't mean I get it right all the time. It means I'm on this crazy journey we call life right along there with you. It means we can freaking do this! Making the best of what the world has to offer and grabbing all of the opportunities available. One of those opportunities is sharing my experiences and knowledge to help others.

So you want to know me? (I'd imagine you wouldn't have got this far if you didn't) I'm Rebecca: yoga enthusiast, animal lover, vegan, massive foodie, careers coach, part-time traveler, 5 am riser, reader and personal development junkie with an unhealthy addiction to almond butter (nobody is perfect). Most importantly I'm happy - especially when I'm eating.

Don't we all just want to be happy?

That was what I realised. The main takeaway from my journey so far is to live with passion and live a life full of love. We only have one life so WHY are we not living it to the fullest. If you believe in that vision too then this blog is for you.

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