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Jess and Rachel - Consciousness Collective Founders

Hey! The Consciousness Collective Founders Jess & Rachel here.  

We are super excited to be guest blogging this week and wanted to share a little of our stories with you.

I’m Jess. I guess you could say that I always struggled with society’s conventions. When I was at school, I was well behaved and academic, but I was bored with the rules and the routine. I had a strong work ethic and worked from 13 years old… younger if you count picking berries in the school holidays. I knew from a young age that I could earn money and that coupled with my fierce independence and determination meant I thought I could face the world alone and left home at the age of 15. In adulthood, I tried again to fit into ‘normal’ life and I qualified as a secondary school teacher, got married, and had two beautiful children, but again, because I wasn’t living my truth – it all came crashing down.

And I’m Rachel. Like Jess, I really struggled to fit into what society had mapped out for me. My younger years were colourful – I went to college, I traveled the world but I was stuck in my past and I struggled with my mental health. Through my teens and twenties, I was living with and was diagnosed with anxiety and depression which had a hugely detrimental effect on my life and I really wondered how I could escape the vicious cycle.

So as you can see, in our pasts, we both struggled going through painful experiences and we didn’t believe that we could build a fulfilling life on our own terms and that life that was mapped out for us with no way out.

But, we are evidence that it doesn’t matter where you are right now! We are the evidence that you can create change in your life and because of our own experiences we are so are passionate about helping and guiding others to elevate their lives, just as we have, and so we created The Consciousness Collective community.

The Consciousness Collective’s community membership is for ladies who are invested in their personal growth and development, who are committed to building an abundant life, and who want to join a supportive community.

So are you ready to manifest the life of your dreams too? Our members are transforming their lives and taking control of their destiny. 

“Since being a part of TCC, I have a sense of understanding for myself and the empty unsure void that hung over me like a dark cloud has lifted, now I feel like I glow from the inside out. I have fire in my belly like I did in my early 20's with excitement for what I can achieve and every day how I can impact my own life and others. The transformation has been internal and it’s starting to transcend into all areas of my life. I am interacting with people differently and it’s opening up more opportunities and attracting the exact things I hoped to have,” - Stacey Murphy

“Since joining TCC I've tripled my income! I've become calmer and more focused and for the first time, I actually believe that my dreams can become a reality. Having access to high vibe women like Rachel & Jess is the best. I look forward to hearing the gems they have to share in the calls each week,” - Gaby Marsden

Remember - coming to terms with how amazing you are, really sets the tone for everything else in your life. 

Our mission is far beyond only us - together we have created an empowered community who are not only stepping into the life they truly desire but are teaching future generations that they too can have it all. Individually we can create change but collectively we can create a legacy!

So, just know that wherever you are in your life right now, it is both temporary and exactly where you are supposed to be. 

You have arrived at this moment to learn what you must do so that you can LIVE THE LIFE YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED! 


Our membership is now open for the last time of 2020! Head to www.theconsciousnesscollective.global

and we would love to connect with you further on Instagram @connectccglobal

Connect so deeply to who you are, your life purpose, and all of the beauty that exists in you. Commit fully to creating it, and choose to live a conscious, elevated, and empowered life with the knowledge that an abundance of infinite potential surrounds you in every moment of every day. 

See you soon 

Jess and Rachel xx

Careers Speed Date:

First Job: Jess - I worked in a coffee shop with my best friend from the age of 13, by 15 we were running it solo - cooking cleaning, serving, opening and closing the shop!  It was the most fun. Rachel - My first stream of income as a 7-year-old was my frame business.  I made frames with shells from the beach near my house and sold them to the tourists and cruise ship. What you are reading right now: Rachel - You2 - Price Pritchett and Conversations with God - Neale Donald Walsh Jess - Untamed - Glennon Doyle and Autobiography of a Yogi - Paramahansa Yogananda If you could give your younger self advice, what would it be: Rachel - Stay true to you always, have fun every day, know that you are so loved, trust your intuition, only ever focus on what you want, educate yourself on money, and know that you can create anything that you set your mind to. Jess - Never...ever...give up on your dreams... you CAN have it all!  But... average action will get you average results... don't settle for average babe!

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