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Jennifer Kempson - Finance & Prosperity Money Educator

Jennifer Kempson is an award-winning UK Finance & Prosperity Money Educator born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. Over the past 2.5 years, her Youtube channel has grown to over 50k subscribers with a published book, weekly podcast, courses, and digital products all to help others with their money mindset and financial success journey ahead. She has a background in Engineering working in the IT industry still full time, and when not sharing her passion for smarter personal finance and investing, she can be found enjoying life with her two young boys, husband, and 2 cats.

My journey into entrepreneurship has been over many years and many different business ideas – with my first business being as a Dance/Cheerleading Competitive Coach for nearly 7 years alongside my career. My passion has always been to help others, and when I decided to shut the doors on that business I still longed to help others by educating and leading in some way.

Fast forward 4 years from that day and I was entering a new relationship where my partner had over £24k worth of credit card debt that had been accumulated from other relationships. Debt was something I had never experienced before, growing up without credit cards and myself always living within my means, and I knew that we had to pay it off as smartly as possible. The turning point for this really was during my second maternity leave with my youngest child and one night realising that I had no choice but to go back to work full time in order to pay the debt and bills. It broke my heart and that night I decided that I was not accepting that as the final say – searching the internet high and low for ways to get out of debt and even start my own business online.

With that searching, I studied hundreds of blogs, websites, and read hundreds of books all on the topics of personal finance and investing, which lead me to realise that hardly any UK voices were online helping others get out of the same situation. With the salesperson in me deciding that I would be that person then to show others – I picked up a camera and started to create Youtube videos and online content about the topics I was learning about to help others.

Since that journey officially just under 3 years ago now from starting the content, I had built a wonderful side business (still working my day job) that allowed even my husband to quit the corporate world to raise our family – as well as open the balance for life and living. My passion is to always create practical strategies that allow people to use money as a tool to design their lives, setting their own rules for what flexibility or lifestyle they wish – and my hope is that my education on money topics allows people to understand that they have control to use it as they wish and open up many opportunities in life.

I’ve been awarded many UK based Finance awards for my Youtube channel and blog through the three short years total, been selected as Youtube UK’s August 2019 Creator on the Rise (appearing on the Home page for one day for every UK Youtube user); as well as publishing my first practical money mindset book “The Master Money Blueprint”, launching health, wealth, mindset based podcast called “The Prosperity Project” and many courses and digital products to help others with their financial success journeys.

Let's connect:

Instagram - @mamafurfur

Youtube - YouTube.com/c/mamafurfur

Careers Speed Date.

  1. Your first job – worked in a clothes shop when I was 16 years a few hours after school every day and weekends.

  2. What you are reading right now – The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Shovel Shinn. A prosperity old school classic book!

  3. If you could give your younger self advice what would it be – don’t do anything different, there are no mistakes to make that won’t work out for your good overall - go on your gut and with the flow. Everything will turn out just fine!

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