• Rebecca Laidlaw

It's not about weight

We are told a lot about how our bodies should look. From the media, our families, our friends, and even our partners. The scary thing is that a lot of the time these people are giving us unrealistic expectations of how we should look, what we should be doing, and how we should feel.

From a woman who struggled with binge eating, over-exercising, and complete body self-loathing for years I can attest that it was not always easy. I've done the diets, the calorie counting, and the "revolutionary "workouts. None of them worked in the long-term. Do you know what has worked? Focusing on how I feel and not on a number on the scale.

I don't mean focus on do I feel pretty today. I mean focussing on do I have enough energy? Can I get through my workout and feel strong? Do I have a headache? Do I feel like I can get off the couch? Can I walk into the kitchen and not feel like I have to devour its entire contents?

When I was dieting, over-exercising, and often having negative body image talks with myself in the mirror, I always felt horrific. Depressed, stressed, sore, tired, achy, and alone. BUT I wasn't alone. So many people feel this way!

So here's a question for you. You can answer in your head, journal it out, or carve it into stone - you do you boo.

How do you feel IN your body?

Not about your body, not what should you change, not what can you improve.

In your body what do you feel? Energy? Joy? Satisfied? or is it the opposite?

The steps to take care of our bodies are simple and in our heads, we all know them. If you aren't doing them it's because that connection to feeling is missing.

Get the sleep

Move your body

Eat food for fuel

Drink the damn water

And do it every single day.

It's not about how you look, it's about how you feel, and you can't get to a place of self-love from self-sabotage. The only opinion that matters here is yours - everyone else can do one. You got this!

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