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Iris Shalev - Personal Brand Mentor

Have you ever had the "OMG what did I get into?!" feeling when you finally reach a goal you thought you wanted so badly?

That was me when I landed my "dream job" a little over 2 years ago.

But before that, let's rewind a little further... I'm taking you back with me when I graduated college in 2016.

Graduation year is wild. No matter how prepared you think you are, you are never really prepared for all the stuff life will throw at ya - good or bad.

I've always been an overthinker- which, I have to admit, leads me to be an excessive planner. I started thinking about job hunting as soon as college started. I remember my professor telling us "this is an unconventional school- you'll get out as much as you put in- and believe me, employers will notice your effort when you graduate" so inevitably, I began thinking, "OMG, how am I going to stand out from SO many other grads?"

So... that's where my story began... I began to hustle to build my portfolio. I did basically all the things, volunteering for a ton of out of school activities, and building my own projects on the side. I would volunteer to manage social media accounts for local businesses, help non-profits with their marketing events, and I even found myself helping produce a major local event.

Was it exhausting? Yes. Would I do it again? You bet.

I learned so much from all these activities and they all help me build the ground for exactly what it is I needed.

On the day of my interview of what would be my first job, I got asked a bunch of questions about my experience, which I didn't have any "officially" but I had so much experience gained from my own projects and volunteering, that they were sold. They picked me over candidates who had actual years of marketing agency experience.

I was in the clouds, loving my first job. And then, without even noticing, I landed what would be my very first freelance client... and I quickly understood the power social media could have for a client... (literally helping them sell million-dollar homes!) I continued to work my day job and my side-hustle for a couple of years, until 2 years ago when I discovered I had a new dream.

I thought I wanted to work for a big company in the classic corporate world. It didn't take long for me to discover "yup, this is not it" after having experienced that strict corporate life for just a couple of months. I couldn't help but feel like a massive failure...

But guess what? My side-hustle saved me again.

I realized I didn't need to stick around a situation I wasn't happy with, and that I was free to make my own choices as needed. I had skills that were in high demand, and if I only knew how to position myself as an expert, I would be able to build something I'm completely passionate about.

We all have the power to leverage our skills, our stories & talents so that we can create our own rulebook and live life on our own terms.

Today- I help other women understand what skills they could monetize and then build a personal brand around it so they can position themselves as an expert in their niche and quickly gain the trust of their ideal client.

If you're looking to do that for yourself, please join us at the workshop I will be hosting live on Nov. 7th- "Get Your Brand Together!". (Link: https://www.skillsthatsellacademy.co/workshop)

Careers Speed Date:

1. What was your first job?

Google Ads specialist for a marketing firm.

2. What you are reading right now?

Brainfluence by Roger Dooley

3. If you could give your younger self advice what would it be?

You're never obligated to stay in a situation you're not happy in. If you're not ok- move! you're not a tree.

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