• Rebecca Laidlaw

I tried a water fast

In January 2021, I had made the decision to say yes to opportunities that align with my happiness I was presented with a Rose Deita. Randomly via Instagram message by someone I'd never met but felt called to listen to. This was a virtual experience (usually in person) with a strict diet attached to infuse your body with the essence of the rose.

I had no idea what this was, I'd never heard of it before, and I fully placed my trust in the universe that this was in my path for a reason.

After saying yes I checked my diary and that was the only week in the next month or so that was free, a nod from the universe I was going in the right direction. I booked the week off and lived in the anticipation of Valentines' day - our start date.

While some were diving into chocolates or enjoying elaborate meals with their lovers I spent the day drinking water and tea infused with Rose. Now I am not myself when I'm hungry - if a person could become the Snickers advert that was usually me. Not only that, I have had such a traumatic past relationship with food and especially binge eating that any dietary change still gives me the heebie-jeebies. I am so grateful to be in a place of balance with food but I'd be lying if I said old triggers don't cross my mind.

I spent the lead up to this water fast telling myself and those who asked that it would be fine while those around me were pretty nervous. Which I believe only made me more determined to soldier on with a positive attitude.

Then the day came. I woke up and had tea first thing which was normal, then breakfast time came around as my belly rumbled I concentrated on taking deep breaths. And this continued each time I felt hunger pangs.

The intention of this day is a clearing of the system which in turn gave me clarity of mind. Infused with the spirit of the rose I go the overwhelming message that I had to rest. Usually, when my mind or body says rest I take it as a challenge to push myself more. However this time, for the first time I listened. I napped most of the day away and still went on to sleep a whole night.

The week following I started to listen more:

to my body

to my mind

to my intuition

When was the last time you listened? And that my friends, is what a week being completely obsessed with rose gifted me.

*This post does not promote water fasting. It only describes my experience. Please seek professional guidance if you are considering this.

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