• Rebecca Laidlaw

I just want the job already...

Here's the truth... It never happens overnight. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your career be. FACT. However, don't be disheartened. Often we have to go through the struggle to make us strong enough for the position we want (this goes for more than careers - but let's stick to the topic at hand). The struggle can be College, University, paid-for courses, teaching yourself, biding your time while waiting for a position, starting from the bottom, work experience, internships, volunteering, and the list goes on. You may be reading this because you have been doing the above and now you are burnt out and bored of waiting. I totally get it. After 4 years of zero direction and going from job-to-job, it took me further 4 years to become a careers adviser from finding the job, being made permanent, doing an Open University course to lead into the Postgraduate Diploma in Career Guidance and Development at the University of the West of Scotland. That journey was not without its struggles. From not feeling academic, self-doubt, internal battles, learning how to write essays, developing my practice, observations, using a structure, not to mention the amount of coffee I consumed which was 18 cups a day to be precise. All the while wondering is it even worth it?

My burn out - from all the self-inflicted pressure - led me on a career break where I traveled, trained as a yoga teacher, and had absolutely no worries. The outcome? I went back to my post as a careers adviser earlier than I should have. I wouldn't trade the work I do now for anything. That break gave me perspective. It was the first time I'd ever slowed down to reflect. I fell more in love with what I do than I ever thought possible and the passion I have for helping people find the right career for them is palpable. I'm legit vibrating as I type with excitement.

I understand that I was fortunate to be in the right place all along but perspective can go a long way. Now is the time to dive in, take stock, and ask yourself what is important in the workplace to you? Does your current role light you up or drain you? Can you imagine doing anything else? What are the opportunities out there? If you have been utilizing your lockdown time to invest in skills to get you into the career you've been dreaming of or to set yourself up for the next step you may be feeling a little deflated. My advice is to continue to do the hard work. Revisit my blog "You're doing everything right". And don't forget to take a break every once in a while, you'd be surprised how transformative they can be.

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