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How to write a Cover Letter/E-mail

Do you have the Cover Letter/E-mail fear? Well, Rebecca to the rescue! I got you boo! Damn, I feel like a superhero right now. Here's a guide, and let's keep it simple. Answer the below questions, and you've got yourself a Cover Letter.


  • If the name of the person is not on the job advert or you do not know who this should be sent to then call the company, snoop the socials (LinkedIn is a winner for finding this information) or check the company website

Paragraph 1

  • Why are you writing?

  • Is it because you saw a job advert? If so, where did you see the advert and what role are you applying for?

  • If this is a speculative application then what roles are you interested in? You can always add a caveat and add 'and any other roles you may see fit' to give you more opportunities

  • Why are you attracted to applying for that particular company? What do you see in them? Share with them your passion for applying

Paragraph 2

  • Match yourself to their job adverts. Did they mention enthusiasm in their advert? You are gonna want to tell them that you are enthusiastic AF (maybe don't say AF). They want communication skills - tell them about your excellent communication skills and give examples to prove it. Use their words - that's what they are looking for!

  • If there is no job advert then match yourself and your skills to the values of the company. Or highlight the main skills required by the job you are applying speculatively for

  • Highlight that your CV is attached

Top tip: This section may flow better if broken up into smaller paragraphs (this is just a guide - artistic license allowed)

Paragraph 3

  • Highlight another draw of their company for you (something heartfelt works well here)

  • The sign-off

  • If there is a closing date for the position you can say "I look forward to hearing from you soon after the (insert closing date here)"

  • If this is speculative give a deadline or you risk not hearing back. Say how you will follow up for example: " I will follow up this application with a (phone call, e-mail, carrier pigeon - OK maybe not the last one) in X weeks."

  • You must follow up through the method and at the time you have mentioned - this is professionalism people

  • Yours sincerely, (insert your full name here)

And there you go! A guide to your next Cover Letter/E-mail. Keep it simple, use simple language that gets your points across with no fuss. You've got this!

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