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How to wake up at 5 am

I get asked all the time (especially on a Sunday) "how do you wake up at 5 am?". Everyone seems to want that extra time in the day and to wake up super energised and why wouldn't you right?!

Here is my strategy:

Sleep: I go to sleep at 9:30 pm or 11 pm. This works with my circadian rhythm as outlined in the book Sleep by Nick Littlehales. This book highlights how important the time you go to sleep is in waking up within a wake-up cycle in a peak state.

Also, top tip limit your screen time before bed. I struggled hard with this one but my coach gave me a love punch on this one when she said "If you can't put your phone down and get the fear by not being attached to it then you are addicted". I now have an alarm that goes off in the evening that says this, it helps so much!

Alarms: Another point on the above, my phone is not next to my bed. I have an alarm set on my phone across the room so I have to physically get out of bed to turn it off.

Tea: As soon as I get up I move more, head to the kitchen, and get myself a cup of tea. A warm beverage first thing in the morning is good for your digestion - a kick-start for the day.

Accountability: The reason people know and ask about waking up at 5 am is that I post every day on my Instagram story after I've made my tea with a time stamp. It is not a showy look at me it's 5 am and I'm awake. It is accountability, I thrive on accountability - find what accountability works for you.

Routine: My routine will not be the same as yours because we are different. I used to stick to a rigid routine that didn't light me up. Trying to fit into someone else's mold. No longer, and I certainly do not advise you to do that either. Your morning routine is what starts your day so fill it with things that you love. I love tea, meditating, dancing, learning, yoga, and (most importantly) a delicious breakfast. So you can sure as hell bet that these all feature in my morning routine. I am not strict with times to practice each because every day is different. Some days I wake up and meditate the morning away others I have a raging dance party to myself. You do you boo!

Consistency: The 5 am club is a daily commitment. It doesn't stop at the weekends or the holidays. This isn't to be cruel it's to make it easier in the long run. You'll know as well as I do that after those weekend lie-ins getting back to that Monday morning routine categorically sucks. If you have just read that and thought "absolutely no way would I do this every day, I need a break" then are you really looking to commit to getting up this early? How important is it to you to start your day this way and at this time?

I have conditioned my brain and my body to the 5 am life and love my morning routine. The reality is that I do not jump out of bed every day, sometimes I go to bed later than expected (because, you know, life?) and I don't always feel like getting out of bed. However, I still get up, I still do my routine even when it's hard, and even when I'm tired because I feel a world of difference. Less stress, more grounded, and like I've looked after myself first. My main goal in life is to help others and I can't do that if I haven't looked after myself first. My morning routine is non-negotiable and I hope this helps you create yours because what you can achieve is limited only by your mindset and those extra few hours are golden. You read this for a reason and we both know it. I believe in you - happy creating!

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