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How to use accountability to change your life

Accountability - my favourite way of continuing to be responsible for my life. Yes, my life = my responsibility. These tools changed my life. It started small and it's always been simple. The small, consistent actions create the biggest changes over time and it is INSANELY important that you monitor these. That you have a way of ensuring that you stick to the goals you want to incorporate into your life. It might be to exercise or to read or to do more kind acts, whatever it is find a way that works for you to stick to it.

There are two forms of accountability that I use:

Social media

Yup, it can be a massive force for good. I have used social media to document early 5 am rises, healthy eating, and workouts (goodness knows what comes next) not to show off to people that I am achieving the goals I have set for myself but to keep ME on track. It also shows that consistency is key and that nothing great happens overnight which I feel like in an instant gratification society is super important to see.

How this looks for me is that I post an Instagram story (usually involving a quote) that highlights that I did the thing - simple.

Promises to myself

I do not break promises to myself. I reached a point in my personal growth where I really fell in love with myself. Not in a vain or narcissistic way, in an, I am my own biggest cheerleader way. Not because the people around me don't support me but because we need to support ourselves, dependence on others can kill our dreams and place self-doubt. If there is something you really want to achieve then make that promise to yourself as if you are making it to your favourite person in the world. That person you always show up for. That person you always say yes to. That person you want to see succeed. Then become that person.

How this looks for me is that I have one goal, one promise, and everything I do aligns with that. Don't overcomplicate this make it a broad overarching goal. Currently, mine is to help as many people as possible find happiness. This in turn means I eat well, exercise, and meditate to have enough energy to help others. It means I reach out to people daily. It means I donate to charity. It means I come from a place of love when I speak to everyone. These are the actions that align with the promise to myself.

Do I always get it right HELL NO but I do my best and that is what counts. It gets easier. The goals get bigger and you can achieve more. When starting out make it simple. Small consistent changes are the ones that will change your life and find the form of accountability that suits you. This is your life. Take responsibility for it and stay accountable to the greatness I know you can achieve.

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