• Rebecca Laidlaw

How to stand out to employers!

We could never have seen this coming. A pandemic that has changed all of our lives. We could never have known that our economy would change so drastically. The job market? The world of work? It is in one word - uncertain. Our working lives are so changed and with no definite end in sight. I don't say this to scare you, I'm pointing out what you already know, what you can see all around you. Fear not humans of the working world, there will be industries that emerge from this stronger. With the insane growth in Digital Technologies and Health professions being more essential now than ever before to name a few.

You may be concerned about all of the competition in the job market right now. Businesses cutting back, people who are more qualified, and of course the sheer volume of those looking for any job to get by. So how can you stand out?

Put in a little more effort.

Firing out a generic CV to every company going won't cut it anymore. CVs must be tailored to each job not only in each industry. Have variations of your CV that are fit for all career types for example one for customer service, one highlighting your computing abilities, in essence, one for every field of interest that you have. Then further tailor this using the language of that particular company.


Use what they give you. companies that you are looking to apply for do not have websites and social media to hide what they stand for. On that point follow all social media feeds related to that company or career that you can so you have super up-to-date information. Check out company values, their latest updates, and use the language they use. Do not feel that you have to change the wording to sound 'fancy' give them what they want not what you think they want - in plain English. Do your research anywhere and everywhere you can. Also, it helps if you know someone in that role or company already for insider information.

Be proactive

The speculative approach is your new best friend. This approach means targeting companies that you want to work for even when they are not advertising vacancies to throw your hat in the ring in advance. How do you do this? Pair your tailored CV with a cover letter. Your cover letter should be addressed to a named person, highlight what positions within the company you would be interested in (be specific - 'any' just doesn't cut it), the hours you would be willing to work, why you want to work there and why you are the right person for the job. Closing with a statement that you will follow up with them for example "I will follow up this application with a phone call in two weeks" and do that. The "I hope to hear from you soon" statement will not get you solid results.

This approach is more time consuming and the last thing you want to do when you are applying for jobs is to put energy into something that may not pay off. However, think about it like this - think of the most thoughtful gift you have ever received for a birthday, a Christmas, or any occasion. It was heartfelt right? The person giving it to you spent the time and effort to make or search for the perfect gift for you. They had no guarantee you'd like it they hoped you would. Not only are jobs a gift - especially in this economic climate but this is just like a more tailored approach to job searching. You put the work in and become the person who is remembered, who stands a strong chance should any positions come up. Because it's clear that you want it.

You were born to stand out, you got this!

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