• Rebecca Laidlaw

How to have more ENERGY!

If you know me you know that I show the fuck up for life. I have an insane amount of energy and it wasn't always that way. I used to live in a world of chronic pain and tiredness. No matter how much sleep I got or how much coffee I drank (which reached 18 cups a day at one point during my University days - I vibrated my way to that Diploma). Yet now I sleep less, work harder, and have more energy. What changed?

I did. In every aspect. I stopped being a victim of my Fibromyalgia and took care of my body. The coffee I used to take alongside my oxygen stopped. I cared about what went into my body as fuel replacing sugar and junk with whole foods like fruit, vegetables, grains, and nuts (a lot of peanut butter along the way too). I took control of my sleep and ditched screens before bed and educated myself on sleep cycles using Sleep by Nick Littlehales as my bible. These were the first steps.

Then I found my purpose which is to help others find and feel happy. When I have the opportunity to do that my energy hits the freaking roof because I know I am in alignment. This won't be the same for everyone so think of what it is that gives you that drive, that even at your worst you still strive to give your best. This was the next level up.

Then came source freaking energy. I am powered by mother earth y'all and I am no longer afraid to say it. I connect to my source energy which I call mother earth - you may call God, the Universe, Brahman, etc - we do not discriminate in this house. How do I do this? I meditate, I dance, I do what lights me up and connects me to my soul and I trust that I was given this day to live full out. We were not put here to just exist. We were given our abilities, talents and our unique purpose to freaking use them!

I will never not show up. I will never give less than my all in the pursuit of helping others. Which is why I make small choices every damn day from meditating, dancing, eating well, and exercising. Those seemingly small decisions are where the energy is. Energy is infinite, the decision you have to make is if you want to choose it.

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