• Rebecca Laidlaw

How to be calm in an interview

It's scary. It's awkward. It's nerve-wracking. It's the interview! Quickly after we get the pangs of excitement that we've made it through to the next stage fear seeps in to ruin the whole freaking experience. Maybe for you, it's really not as dramatic as that or maybe it is. Either way, your girl has your back lets dive into the 2 tips you need to know to stay calm - like a warrior going into battle!

Tip number 1:

Be practically prepared

  • When going into an interview you need to know the practical steps that you have to take on the day

  • What time is your interview? If you have been sent a request double-check the time and the timezone - just in case.

  • Where is it? Is it in a physical location? If so how will you get there? Is it a huge building? Are you leaving yourself enough time to get to where you need to be? Or is it online? Do you have the right equipment for video calling(camera, microphone)? Do you have access to the system?

  • What are you going to wear? Think of the role and dress a grade smarter for example a job in a supermarket. They wear a uniform daily, therefore bring out the suit. Ensure you are clean and presentable - making a good impression before you even get around to speaking in your interview.

  • It seems obvious but you'd be surprised how easily this can slip when we are stressed

Tip number 2:

Prepare mentally

  • Feeling awkward? We tend to think of interviews as awkward because we place the emphasis on ourselves. Have you ever thought of it the other way around? A lot of interviews are conducted by people who are not seasoned interviewers, therefore, the people who are interviewing you find the situation pretty tough too. Often they have to match the scores or level of detail of their colleagues if part of a panel. That is super difficult. So it's not just you. No wonder it feels awkward - everyone feels out of their depths.

  • Feeling nervous or even fearful? We are human and most of us care about what others think of us. We fear rejection - it's biological, our brains are still in the caveman age where rejection meant being cast out the tribe and likely death. Of course, going for an interview and placing ourselves in the direct firing line of rejection is going to suck.

  • Feeling like you are boasting? We don't like to big ourselves up and I've heard all the excuses on this one. It's just not me. I've never been good at it. It's a family thing, none of us are good at it. I'm gonna call BS. How freaking bad do you want it? You have to talk about your experiences or you can't prove you can do the job you say you can do.

You can do this. People are successful in interviews every damn day. Why not you? Just remember what Benjamin Franklin said, "Fail to Prepare then Prepare to Fail".

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