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Hajera Rahman - Midwife Entrepreneur

Hi and Salaam سلام‎ Readers,

I am a Muslim British Asian young woman who found herself in two different worlds. The Midwifery world and the Investment world.

I am here to share with you in a nutshell what I stand for, what I offer in this beautiful complex world we live in, and what got me to where I am today.

My career journey

I am a midwife entrepreneur. My career journey was something I did not expect nor did I predict. That is the miracle of my life so far. I went to university, became a qualified midwife and then a few years later I entered into the world of multiplying my money in the financial markets using my phone and building a global online business.

I am a walking franchisee of an online business that provides a platform for people to create multiple streams of passive income. I have helped numerous people to learn and earn from the indices, stocks, cryptocurrency markets, and profit from e-commerce to shape the lifestyle they desire. I purposely do not say 'financial freedom' because this term can be so easily misunderstood. It is not about chasing the cha-ching, it's how the cha-ching will be of use to you. Financial freedom means different things to people. It may mean not having to work full time, it may mean being able to live the lavish lifestyle of yachts and travel or it may even mean becoming a millionaire. I have mothers, fathers, students, professionals like nurses, engineers, lawyers, and even 6+ figure business owners in my team.

On the side, I am a Registered Midwife. Everything midwifery brings, I welcome it with an open heart. Working as a midwife part-time is such a privilege and I am so grateful to say I am a midwife for reasons outside of money/paying for bills. Every time I meet a new woman and family, I feel as if a new window of opportunity opens for me. I gain new experiences and midwifery reminds me of how amazing life really is.

The Raw Truth: Why did a midwife turn to investments?

Back in 2018/early 2019, I hit an all-time low. None of my peers would have noticed as I always have a bubbly and positive aura about me. I spread love and positivity. It's how my mother conditioned me. (Thank you Amma!)

My mother needed me for health reasons, all my love and compassion went towards the families I cared for and all I was doing was the 'work, sleep, repeat cycle. In fact, I stopped prioritising myself. I tried to split myself up too many times.

I wanted to explore the world, choose what I wanted to do with my time, be there for my mother whenever she needed me but finances were always at the front of my mind. I felt I needed to work more hours to gain more money. Save money to then spend money.

I took the decision to branch out into the world of investments and joined an online platform that held my hand to become a profitable and successful investor and business owner. My sister Tasneem Rahman gave me the push to go for it and I will forever be grateful to her.

After 22 months of consistently keeping focused, my side hustle is now my main business. I married up my midwifery/personal dreams with financial education/investments. The start of my personal self-development and financial success began.

How can you get involved? My contribution to the world

I am looking for individuals who want to attain multiple streams of income either as a part-time or full-time commitment. If you have 10-30 mins a day to learn and earn a skillset that allows you to grow your money for life, is recession-proof and you have a smartphone, then this is for you. You must be teachable, coachable, and have a positive mental attitude to join my team.

I am on my way to supporting 1000 people with multiplying their own money using their phones just like I have. I believe everyone has the birthright to spend time doing what they want without financial stress. I quickly learned having a job only, having a traditional business only, having one source of investment only is not smart. It is important to have a Plan B, something you can fall back on and not leave life to chance.

Be more than a label; you are not JUST working in retail, you are not JUST a doctor, you are not JUST a teacher, you are not JUST a parent. You are a human being who has hobbies, enjoys food/travels, spending time with family and friends.

Do not allow one source of income to dictate your time. This is what I told myself back in 2018, what I tell myself to this day and I empower many to take a leap of faith into financial education.

Attaining wealth and earning money is not my passion nor does it drive me. What drove me to the career I have now is because I want to be that friend that helps people achieve their dreams by diversifying their income streams and being their cheerleader.

If you resonate with what I am saying, let's connect meaningfully and get you started in the wonderful world of financial education/independence.

I have the vehicle for you to create and live the lifestyle you desire. You owe you to not be stuck doing the same thing over and over again.

Reach out on Instagram @hajerarahman_

Or check out my website: www.hajerarahman.com

Careers Speed Date:

1. What was your first job?

Care home activities team member in a care home

2. What you are reading right now?

You can heal your life by Louise L Hays and John C Maxwell Developing the Leader Within You.

3. What advice would you give to your younger self?

" Do not ever dull your light for anyone or anything, keep being that sunflower that I know you are. God will give you everything that is meant for you and will take away everything that was not meant for you".

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