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Gabby Secomb Flegg - Photographer

I never thought I'd be teaching people how to take photos. But I guess it makes sense that

helping new photographers get their brains around a confusing piece of equipment became a

priority for me, given I was rejected from a beginners photography course when I first started on

my own path.

It’s been a roundabout journey to get to where I am today (to be fair, whose journeys haven’t

been!?) but Ambedo photography originally started out as “Jaded Images” and I used to book

photoshoots for $20 in my front yard - safe to say I’ve come a long way since then!

Like so many of us, I've jumped from idea to idea whilst being financially supported by full-time

hours in the corporate world, but after 3 years in my role as an event manager for an insurance

company, I decided to give entrepreneurial life a real go and I haven't looked back since.

Since taking the leap almost 5 years ago now, I have had the pleasure to have photographed

over 300 women and couples for a variety of sessions. From engagements to weddings,

boudoir to Disney-themed lingerie shoots there’s never been a dull moment in this business. But

the core value and purpose that has remained true throughout my career, is that I want to

empower people.

I want to help them be the BEST version of themselves and help them be able to see

themselves how OTHERS see them.

So regardless whether that has been through female empowerment boudoir shoots or now

teaching new photographers how to shoot (and even set up businesses of their own!) my

purpose has never changed - I just wanna help people change their fucking lives.

Of course, this hasn’t always been an easy ride, and trying to navigate a service-based business

through a pandemic has been extremely difficult, but I’ve always been a glass half full kinda gal

and dare I say, 2020 was one of the best years of my life.

I had to pivot my entire business to take it online (when I had no online services to provide!) I

had to shake up my business and use the space and downtime as an opportunity to really focus

on what I loved most about what I did and what I did not. So I decided to quit shooting weddings

and boudoir - a HUGE pivot that I never saw coming.

Not to say I didn’t love shooting weddings and boudoir, but I knew it was time to leave it behind

and focus on the next steps in my career and for me, that was launching Ambedo Academy! A

beginner's DSLR and mirrorless course for new photographers who have absolutely no idea how

to use their cameras.

My first round of the course sold out in one weekend and since then I’ve run it an additional 2

times (with my 4th round coming up on April 19th!). I have so much joy and passion for teaching

people how to photograph as it's so close to my heart! It’s even more rewarding when students

go on to set up their own businesses and get the opportunity to experience how liberating it is to

own your own biz or side hustle.

Because of the Academy and my 1-1 coaching, I've been able to focus on my art and get

creative with my photography again. Having so much time and freedom to no longer rely on

service-based bookings has really freed up my creativity and has given me the opportunity to shoot for the stars again, in fact, my eye is very much pinned to getting published in Vogue

(watch this space!)

Who knows what the future for Ambedo has in store, but I know that it will always be about

helping people live their biggest, most incredible lives.

Careers Speed date:

1. What was your first job?

My first job was working at a bowling alley as a party assistant. I used to help the little

kids parties get on the lanes and bowl and then feed them chicken nuggets (pretty great

job for a 13-year-old)

2. What are you reading right now?

I am literally reading 4 books at once (send help) I’m reading Period Power, Becoming

Supernatural, Big Magic (for the second time), and Mans Search for Meaning!

3. Any advice for your younger self?

Don’t stress about your shitty marks in high school for English, you’re not gonna need


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