• Rebecca Laidlaw

From Women Hater to Female Entrepreneur Advocate

I did truly believe I hated women. I'd always gotten on better with men. Women were too emotional. Women were nice to your face and gossiped behind your back. Women were always out to get other women.

What a load of complete and utter shite. Every sentence above is an outright fucking lie. I'd never hated women. The person I'd hated was myself.

A few years ago I'd joined a community of mainly female entrepreneurs and it was with a lot of hesitation and resistance that I started to connect with women. When I did I found this new breed of woman. Women who were prepared to put themselves forward to achieve goals for themselves or their families. Women who invested in themselves. Women who wanted nothing more than to help other women. Women who truly cared. As I put myself out there and started to get to know them I wanted to be more like them. Not to fit in but because I saw a glimpse of what I could achieve, what I was capable of, and who I could be!

To be more like them I literally copied all the things they did; morning routines, reading, listening to audios of people in the places that I wanted to be, and taking care of my body. Along this journey I realised that you can only wear a mask for so long. I could only try and be like someone else so much. I felt so much resentment.

Why couldn't I be like these women? What was wrong with me? And it hit me like the bus that hits Regina George at the end of Mean Girls, the person I'd hated all along was myself. Even after doing everything I'd been recommended to do, watch, listen to, and read, it would never be enough. What was enough was being myself, in all of my raw beauty. And love that person.

Now, hand on heart I do. I love myself. Not in a conceited way, in a powerful way. Not in a vain way, in a way that keeps my mind and body healthy. Not in an, I'm better than you way, in a way that gives me the fuel I need to help others. That is why we feature female entrepreneurs on this blog. The women along my journey led me back to a self I didn't know I'd lost and for that, I couldn't be more grateful.

To all the women along my journey, thank you and I love you.

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