• Rebecca Laidlaw

Facing your fears

When we are faced with challenges it's as if we are Chicken Little and the sky is falling. Every little thing panics us and affects us far more deeply than it would usually. Our bodies and our minds are in a state of fear and our brains are very clever when convincing us that our fears are the end of the world as we know it.

The truth is fear is a powerful emotion it can drive us to do unkind things, for example, shouting at someone for something we perceive to be wrong. However, it can also drive us to do amazing things like leave an abusive relationship or take a risk that pays off. Considering that fear is an emotion that also means that it is fickle. Here one minute and gone the next. It's all about how you handle your fear that counts.

Fear triggers the fight or flight response in our brain so no wonder it messes with our heads so much. Our brains become hyperalert and our breathing gets faster. So how can we handle this?

You gotta breathe. Sounds simple right? Far too simple to combat the stress you are going through? The top tip for this to work is to exhale first, create the space to take a deep breath. We so often miss this step out and automatically tell ourselves that it's not working.

While you are breathing check if this fear is serving you. If you are being chased by someone or something - use that fear! It can keep you safe. A little fear is good for you. But if you are worried about something that hasn't happened yet like getting the latest virus (currently we are combatting the Coronavirus - it's big news if you haven't heard) fear over this not so useful. I think I speak for all of us that caution is important but fear? No, we can battle that. The antidote (aside from washing your hands and staying at home) is to reduce that fear because all of that stress your carrying is messing with your immune system. Stress brought on by fear decreases the immune systems' ability to fight off antigens and right now your immune system needs to stay strong.

In any situation remember... this too shall pass.

PS. Don't watch the news, peace out.

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