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COVID-19 and Careers

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

People are losing their jobs, being furloughed or some are being paid to stay home on an 80% wage. There are massive negative sides to this COVID-19 of that there is no doubt (links for support to follow). However...

Is this your opportunity? Is it the time you can take to learn something new, create a linked in profile or up-level your social media? There is a wealth of online learning available. Remember not all are accredited but figure out if that matters to you and what you need. When this blows over if you’d like to look towards that next promotion or if you’d like to career change altogether take this opportunity! The opportunity to do the hard work, do the learning, create the proposal or perfect your techniques. When will you ever have this chance again?

I get that not everyone will have this abundance of time due to caring responsibilities (yes I’m talking to all the parents and carers out there). Can you take the time where your children are doing a task in homeschooling to learn something else alongside them? While your dependants are occupied by a Jigsaw or a TV for a time, can you do it then? Do you get a walk on your own where you can listen to an audio? There are answers. What I’m saying is, the question here becomes how bad do you want it?

For example, I have all the time in the world out with my 9-5 Monday to Friday job which I am fortunate to be able to work from home. I’m extremely grateful. I certainly do not have to get up every damn day at 5 am. I do though. Because one day I won't be as free, I’m instilling a flexible (and some may say incredibly early) routine where I have the opportunity to grow and learn daily. I don’t have to, I definitely don’t always want to but I do - whether it's the weekend or not. Fitting anything new in isn’t easy for anyone and I get that, it took a long time to build that routine as a habit. To make this work you have to make the decision that your future is worth the present inconvenience.

You might be thinking where do you even start? Where can you get the support you need, so here is a list of links - starters for 10 if you will - to help you to help yourself. Take this lockdown as an opportunity to become responsible for your career and your life. You can do it! Don’t waste this time - especially when the state of things has many of us questioning how much time we really have.

Free education:


  • The free equivalent to Open University where you can sample parts of courses to check they are right for you


  • Don’t believe everything on here (personal opinions on a subject likely). Still a great resource to learn skills or get invested in personal development.


  • Free tutorials and online training to guide your business through this pandemic or instill basic business skills if you are considering starting your own company



  • Start looking for other opportunities. Connect with people who are in the positions you'd like to be in.

Responsibility is not just about educating yourself or finding the next job for your future. Whether it’s educational, financial or emotional there are people there to help. Here are a few useful links:











Updates (the ones you need to know so you can avoid the scaremongering in the news) and legal guidance


Above all else, stay safe. Sending positive (and thoroughly sanitized) vibes your way.

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