• Rebecca Laidlaw

But I'm too busy

Are you too busy?

If you are looking to have a pity party... please close this screen now.

Many of us have this messed up relationship with time. We see busy-ness as a badge of honour, it the perfect excuse for anything we don’t want to do, but what happens when our busy-ness goes too far? When we get tired, burn out, and we can’t do all the things we want to do, then what?

Let me ask you a super triggering question: are you really that busy? Just FYI - your ego just jumped in to defend you. Full protection mode, but before you click off of this screen try this exercise.

Write down the tasks you did yesterday and today. For example, work, housework, preparing meals, studying, scrolling, Netflix-ing, what have you been doing?

Now, look at your list. How much time did you spend not doing the things that light you up? Were you full-on busy like your brain is telling you that you are? Or are you slightly kidding yourself?

Now to truly dive into this then we have to understand what tasks are actually important to us.

I can imagine your work/career/mission is an important and time-consuming part of your life. Next question, how do you feel about that? Do you feel like it is a necessary evil? Do you feel like you have to go so you can survive? Do you feel like it’s all-consuming and stressful?

What is the meaning you are giving to what keeps you busy?

If you see your work as the above it’s always going to feel busy, it’s always going to feel hard, it’s always going to feel stressful.

BUT you can change your meaning (it is your meaning after all) how about this role gives me opportunities, this role helps me to develop an awesome skillset, or this role pays for the roof over my babies head. And you can change it because I bet on payday you feel grateful for that role huh?

If you change the meaning you give to how you spend your time you don’t feel busy, you feel gratitude. Gratitude is the antidote to all negativity in life.

If you don’t want to be busy, you don’t have to be, it’s your choice.

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