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Atena Sadegh - Spiritual Entrepreneur

Hi beautiful people, Atena here :)!

I am the creator of Pretty Happy Habits, a business that is geared towards raising the levels of consciousness within souls around the world to enable individuals to shift their identity to match a reality that reflect a life lived in full alignment. Curious to know WTF I really mean?

Best explained if I dive into how I went from wanting to become a diplomat, to working in management consulting to becoming a spiritual entrepreneur. I was born in the middle of the Iran-Iraq, literally the day after Iraq began bombing Tehran. My mom was set into early labor, giving birth to me in a tent next to the hospital that had just been destroyed. Perhaps my faith as a spiritual healer was decided right then and there.

As I immersed in my life in Canada, I was naturally passionate about world politics and I knew my mission was to save the planet from itself. No biggy! In the pursuit of this passion, I followed my heart across 5 continents, living and adapting to each location until it was time to leave. As I made my way through my Master’s studies at Uni, I landed on an opportunity to intern for the Canadian Embassy in Thailand, which is the international central hub.

This experience fast-tracked my understanding of what it would take to make real change on a global level. If I’m being honest, I was disgusted by what I witnessed and I knew I was too weak to stomach it long term. When I left, I made the conscious choice to shift my focus to making waves in the private sector. I worked for years as a consultant for development projects mostly funded by the World Bank.

In the midst of this “glorious” career, I always felt within that something was deeply wrong. But again, to be perfectly honest, I ignored it until one day the pain within me was no longer suppressible. My mother, who raised me on her own, was diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor. While her survival and recovery were miraculous, in the process she completely pushed me away. At that moment in time, I truly felt that I could no longer live.

You see, I spent a lifetime protecting her and living for her. I did not know it then, but I had extreme survivors’ guilt. The fact remains that I benefited from all her suffering that came about when she single-handedly removed me from Iran to provide me with a far better life. Who am I if I do not have her love? The answer at that time was: I am nothing without her love. And I realized, my lack of sense of self-worth is not unique in any way, shape, or form.

What disgusted me in my observations of global politics, existed within me. Not feeling enough and attaching all of our worth to external sources, is a global problem. But we cannot heal what we are unconscious of. And my personal reflection has been that even when we are conscious, we often don’t know how to heal. So, we ignore it. We push down. And we distract ourselves with ambition. Or suppress ourselves with harmful behavior.

Today, I am happy every single day. I am not immune to pain but I no longer choose to suffer. I have learned to truly love myself unconditionally and this in turn allows me to love others with a much higher capacity. My life experiences and knowledge have taught me that I have a healer’s heart, a spiritual perspective, and a leader’s mindset.

These skills are the foundation of my business. The healer in me brings forward a warmth and a contagious level of self-acceptance that is extremely powerful. My spiritual perspective will provide you with tools to heal beyond your current realm of reality. The leader in me will guide you to make those lasting changes that take you out of the perpetual paradigm of "managing" a life that may feel overwhelming.

The methods in my practice are a combination of energy healing techniques and subconscious mind reprogramming through hypnosis, reiki, breath-work, and guided meditations. Through both mindset and energy work, I will help you identify wounds that need mending, habits you want to change, and provide you with practical and spiritual tools to make those changes long-lasting. Everything I do is based on a deep and loving relationship with the self-first and second towards the other.

My mission is to reach and elevate 1 million souls around the World. Atena means to bring good things on this Earth and thereafter. My name was chosen by a spiritual leader. Somehow, this man already knew who I was meant to be.



Careers Speed Date

  1. My first job: Baby sitters club represent!

  2. What I’m reading right now: Too many books! But most focus is on “Eastern Body, Western Mind”

  3. Younger self: Don’t repress what does not feel right, you are allowed to be here and to explore.

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