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Hey everyone, I’m Ashleigh and I am the face behind my wellbeing business Imperium Mindfulness. My mindfulness & mindset business is now at the heart of my whole being and I live and breathe all things mindfulness and laws of attraction!

Being a lightworker I know I am now being called to share my message of love for life, hope, and believing in your own dreams with the world through my online business. I was not always this way. The day and hour my beautiful firstborn daughter was born I had some kind of awakening and knew I wanted more, to give her and I the best life possible! Not in a material sense but a longing to live an emotionally fulfilled life!

So… since then I have spent the last 8 years on a self-development journey and worked through grit, sweat, and tears emotionally to find my path of some glimpse of enlightenment.

I had worked in the corporate world for over 14 years in the world of Human Resources. I have worked in many different industries including a year in Canary Wharf and also 5 years in the media industry, but one thing each job had in common was “the people”. Human beings are human beings no matter how much money we earn, what our job title is or what kind of fancy car we might drive…at the heart of human resources is this word that we are only too human!

During the early stages of my career, I found my niche! I loved any kind of social interaction and daily I got this buzz for life because I knew I could make a difference to someone’s work-life experience. All it came down to was one thing – connection!

I soon realised that this was so easy for me to do it almost didn’t feel like work. I developed and trusted a sense of intuition in a lot of situations and this helped me find a way forward through many tricky work-life situations with people.

Empathy was and is key!

This skill soon got me thinking about the psychology around human beings in the workplace, then through some personal life events coupled with my professional life I stumbled across this word “Mindfulness”! Nearly 4 years ago now I stepped into my first mindfulness class as a student and I really “fell in love” with this way of living, I went on to develop my own home practice with dedication and commitment and the year later embarked on my own journey to become a mindfulness teacher!

Once you find your passion there is no holding back, so much so the way of life for me is also now my career, a career I have been carving from scratch! You just need to believe in yourself to achieve anything your heart desires!

It is also important to say that every single day I learn something new about myself and mindfulness teaches me to always look at things with a beginner’s mind.

I run a free female Facebook group called “Inspiring females” which is an amazing free online community of like-minded females sharing a passion for self-development and manifesting a better way of life. We have recently been focusing on the theme of self-love.

What does self-love mean to you?

I have a simple mantra – “self-care = self-love”. This is so much more than bubble baths and meditation although my favorite sacred space at home to meditate is in fact the bath! Sometimes as a mum of two – with a 5-month-old baby it’s the only place I can get 10 minutes headspace. But recently I have been giving self-love much deeper thought:

Self-love can mean saying no when you mean no instead of saying yes when you mean no!

Self-love can mean setting boundaries with family and friends and being brave enough to speak out when you feel something is not right.

Self-love can mean canceling plans when you are burnt out!

Self-love can mean being having the confidence to say yes (even when the prospect of something feels scary) when you know this thing is for your greater good.

I hope you resonate with some of my story, and if you would like to know more about mindfulness, mindset work or just get to know me a bit better follow my page “Imperium Mindfulness” or add the private group “inspiring females”.

Careers Speed Date:

1.What was your first job?

Junior Hairdresser

2.What are you reading right now?

I'm reading "Believe" 5th Dimension Earth by Olivia and Raf Ocana

3.What advice would you give to your younger self?

Always know you can be anything you want to be and never let anyone tell you that you can't! I tell my 8-year-old daughter this every day.

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